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Hello my name is Kobi Amponsah. I’m the Owner and Founder of Neck Couture. This all started with me always being a fashion minded individual with an entrepreneurial spirit that has been inside me waiting to erupt. I've always wanted to run my own business around something I enjoy and at the same time has a small niche to it. As a result, crafting custom bowties is where I’ve ended up. Neck Couture designs a unique array of bowties ranging from fabrics found across the world. There continues to be a growing trend with bowties reaching all ages young and old. Bowties first became noticable in the 17th century and in fact the necktie originated from the bowtie. I will bring bowties back like they never left! I believe it is important that everyone has their own fashion identity to remain separate from the masses and wearing a bowtie is a perfect example of that. Wearing a bowtie shows that you have a sense of style or creativity and Neck Couture will channel that inner fashion sense that everyone has by customizing bowties to suit what's best for you.

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The Stressed Leather Bow Tie...

The Stressed Leather Bow Tie...